Yasushi Asako


Publications (Refereed)

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  • The Boy who Cried Bubble: Public Warnings against Riding Bubble (with Kozo Ueda), Economic Inquiry 52(3), pp. 1137-1152, 2014. Download (Working Paper Version)

Working Papers

  • Symmentric Information Bubbles: Experimental Evidence (with Yukihiko Funaki, Kozo Ueda, and Nobuyuki Uto). Download

  • Condornet Winner and Political Ambiguity. available soon

  • Guiding the Economy toward the Targeted Inflation Rate: An Evolutionary Game Theory Approach (with Tatsushi Okuda). available soon.


  • Japan's political dynasties fail the porky test (with Takeshi Iida, Tetsuya Matsubayashi and Michiko Ueda), East Asia Forum, 16 April 2015.

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